Hisense 6kg Front load Washing Machine (WFPV6012S) – Silver

  • Super quick wash for time saving
  • Intelligent LED display
  • Snowflake drum for clothes protecting
  • Smart spin balance control.
  • Drum self clean for health
  • Washing capacity (kg): 6
  • Cabinet colour: silver
  • Fit Type: freestanding

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Product details

Hisense Washing Machine Front Loader 6kg (WM 6012S) comes with great features such as its super-fast spin which allows it to remove more water which in turn reduces the time it might take a cloth that has been washed using the washing machine to dry.

It features also allow it to eliminate bacteria and allergens from clothes during laundry. At 95-degree antibacterial wash, this washing machine becomes more effective at removing bacteria and allergens from laundry, this, in turn, makes it offer a greater degree of protection. The delay time lets you wash when you are ready to do so. by setting this delay time, one automatically sets the washing cycle to their suit and time when it is convenient.

How to use a front loading washing machine

With few differences from the top machine, A front loader washing machine have also more knobs and buttons which enhances its options, however, this can be discouraging when you need a quick wash and want to just press one or two buttons. But when it comes to run a wash, they are as simple as can be. Here are 6 important steps on how to Use Front Loading Machines.

Use the correct amount of detergent

It is important to pour the right amount or dosage of detergent in the machine, as excess might affect its functionality over time. Follow the instructions on your detergent’s box or bottle. You will need more detergent for dirtier clothes, more laundry, or hard water.
Load your laundry Properly

The drum of the washing machine is where you place your dirty clothes. It is vital to remember to leave enough space for the clothes to move around in the wash.

To determine the proper placing of cloth we recommend you Do the 1-palm trick: if your palm fits between the clothes and the machine, it means that you have loaded the machine correctly. If your palm doesn’t fit, take some garments out.

Add fabric conditioner to the dispenser drawer
Make sure not to fill past the MAX line, otherwise, it may not dispense at all.

Choose the temperature

Select the right temperature based upon the fabric care labels on your clothes. If there are multiple temperatures, choose the lowest one.
Select the right spin cycle
Again, check the fabric care labels on your clothes. As a rule, delicates need a slower cycle, while cotton and other durable fabrics will be better with a faster cycle.

Close the door and press go


Always make sure to unload your clean laundry immediately for maximum freshness.


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